Another option is flying to Sechelt or Comox (on Vancouver Island), but a ferry journey would still be required to get closer to the Sunshine Coast Trail itself. Covid19 update – While the SCT itself is open, the huts are currently closed. There is a limited BCTransit service from Saltery Bay to Lund, via Powell River. English program here. ** This is not a completed trail and is very rough in spots ** The trail stretches 180 km from the Saltery Bay ferry terminal in the south to Sarah Point in the Desolation Sound Marine Park in the north. An equipment check will be carried out at registration and on the start line. This is also the day we became acquainted some incredible old growth trees. A wide but rough 4X4 road appeared, leading almost to the top. As well as tent campsites and showers (extra $2), this campground has a reservable cabin available for $50/night. I feel so much better informed! We took 2 ferries from Vancouver to get to Powell River where we staged for the hike. For this reason, it would be almost impossible for me to list all of the possible combinations. We plan to hike the other two sections (Sarah Point to Inland Lake and Lang Bay to Saltery Bay) either in 2020 or 2021. Other supply points on the SCT are Lund (bakery, pub, restaurant), Townsite (brewery, restaurants, convenience store) and Lang Bay (convenience store, pizza). After checking out the Anthony Island hut (small, but I’m sure very welcome after a long hike), we started the climb up to Confederation Lake. The next morning, we wake at 6am with plenty of hope. Here, the elevation could finally be appreciated. Please bring all of the compulsory equipment with you w… It was frustrating, but such is the unpredictable way of nature. gtag('config', 'UA-43280157-1'); Another day at Tin Hat was simply not an option. Suggestions above are based on my own experience and research plus recommendations in hut log books. The aptly named Sunshine Coast Trail runs 180 km along British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast – from Sarah’s Point in the north to Saltery Bay at the southern end. Here is an example of what a typical SCT thru-hike may look like a reasonably fit hiker (comfortable with walking up to 8 hours a day with a full pack) who wants to stay in the huts as much as possible. The path of the SCT actually travels right through here. He would be the only person we see for the entire six day period! That evening, we took stock of our food supplies and hatched a plan. A freshly made hot (or cold, it’s your choice) breakfast is included for all guests. and a portion of fish and chips were calling our name. Attracting hikers from around the world, this epic hiking trail now boasts 14 huts with one more planned next year, making it Canada’s Longest Hut-To-Hut Hiking Trail – and the only free one. I clicked on a bunch of your affiliate links as thanks! Most hikers walk some 10 to 15 km per day. Weekend and holiday sailings can be very busy. We have provided a fair amount of information about each trail to help you decide which trails are best suited for you. JR and Gemma are currently based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. There’s no scree or exposed trail walking and very limited scrambling. Runners are required to carry compulsory equipment with them at all times throughout the trail run. We are able to see a foggy, yet atmospheric sunset from the Tin Hat summit, with glimpses of the promised lakes below. There are paid parking lots in Lund, Mowat Bay, Powell River Government Marina, the Shinglemill Pub and the Lang Bay Store. Prior to this point on the SCT, the blueberry season had been and gone. Powell River is the main supply town for the Sunshine Coast Trail. Sunshine Coast Trail Sunshine Coast Trail Access Powell Forest Canoe Route Portage on Canoe Route Campsite Shelter or Hut Park or Protected Area Elevation contours at 200 metre increments Visitor Information Centre, 4760 Joyce Ave, Powell River 1-877-816-8669 MAP LEGEND 0 1 2 4 KILOMETRES 6 8. Donations are always welcomed and go towards the maintenance and enhancement of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Winterized huts have a pellet stove, which look like a traditional wood stove but work more like a furnace. The coast is susceptible to heavy and prolonged downpours, especially in spring and autumn. There are also many day hike options on the SCT , especially if you have two vehicles available (or use a shuttle service). Inspired to go hiking on the Sunshine Coast Trail? In addition to the orange blazes, there are numerous wooden directional signs, kilometre markers and SCT maps at trailheads. The Sunshine Coast Trail is a colossal, local, grass-roots achievement that took decades to grow from dream to reality. For information on upcoming opportunities and events, visit our Volunteer With Us page. Our original plan was for a five day, four night trip, averaging no more than 15km a day. On the upside, the views were open, the skies sunny and we were able to dry out our souls a little. Really! But the hut was open after all. Both ferry routes are operated by BC Ferries and accept vehicles of all sizes as well as bikes and pedestrians. The challenging aspects for most hikers will be the meandering terrain (lots of ups and downs), long distances and slippery/muddy surfaces during or after rain. Hikers do have to be aware, however, of two things: For me, these two factors did not dampen my enthusiasm or enjoyment for this trail. The outlook here isn’t quite as panoramic as Tin Hat but the lake studded backdrop is still stunning. I was glad to see the the Elk Lake Hut, peeking out of the brush. With days of rain already, the streams and waterfalls were bursting with water and the soaked ground was almost bouncy in places. We hiked from Inland Lake to Lang Bay in mid September and saw only one hiker (out on a short walk) over six days on trail. The ferry journey time is 90 minutes but is very convenient as it arrives at the Sunshine Coast Trail’s main supply town. Programme en français ici : à venir. provides trail maps and descriptions for the lower Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in order to promote and celebrate our natural world. Both. The Adventure Sunshine Coast online guidebook is provided and maintained by Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service. After meeting zero hikers on the trail, I wish we’d brought our. Magnificent views abound, even on slightly misty days. If budget is a concern, I’d recommend joining the, If this is your first multi-day hike, I cannot emphasize enough to practice first and find, We were unsure how busy the SCT would be in September so brought our tent with us. Along the trail are campsites. Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Trail Challenge - August 8+9, 2015 For the most part, it is a two lane highway. Inland Lake West, Anthony Island and Fiddlehead Landing huts are all located slightly off the main trail route. Mosquitoes are more of an issue in spring and early summer, so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to biting bugs. The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada is surrounded by ocean and covered with forests, mountains and lakes. There wasn’t a soul to be seen so we had the hut to ourselves through the stormy night. Last September, we finally made it back to hike what is often called the most difficult section of the trail – Inland Lake to Lang Bay, taking in Tin Hat Mountain, Elk Lake and Walt Hill (62km total). A perfect sunny day on the SCT. Canada’s longest ‘hut-to-hut’ trail, there are 14 cosy shelters located along the SCT, plus additional camping opportunities. As Event Organisers we are often asked why ‘Compulsory Equipment’ is included as part of some of our events. The Sunshine Coast Trail isn’t just for hikers; it’s a wildlife route too. What is the best Sunshine Coast travel guidebook? There are several places along the SCT that are suitable for canoeing — like Big Sliammon Lake, Inland Lake, Powell Lake, Goat Lake and more. Another way to access the Sunshine Coast is from Comox (Vancouver Island) to Powell River. For thru-hikers or groups with only one vehicle, there are other solutions: The Sunshine Coast Trail may well be the best signed path we have ever hiked. Visit to plan your trip today! Dirt roads (mostly for logging or recreational use) do criss cross across the local landscape and the path does weave in and out of populated areas, Some sections of the trail do route through or close to working forests. 4.9K likes. The first, from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, takes 40 minutes. Surrounded by mountain peaks, with low clouds blanketing the ground, it felt like we were on top of the world. Not familiar with the concept of the Sunshine Coast at all? Sunshine Coast Trail, Powell River. The Sunshine Coast Trail is kept in very good condition. The day continued as awesome as it started, with wall-to-wall blue skies. We picked a handful or two and started calling out for bears in earnest. Sunshine Coast trails are located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thank you for this genuinely impressive article! The 360 degree views we were promised were gone, just like that. The Sunshine Coast Trail isn’t the only world class attraction on the Sunshine Coast! Our final day was mostly downhill, an almost literal comedown. I thru-hiked the Sunshine Coast Trail in British Columbia in August of 2018 with my lovely hiking partner, NEMO. Here are five of the best hikes on the Sunshine Coast. The 14 shared use huts are free and are filled on a first come, first served basis. Navi… We met a day hiker on the old logging railway section and chatted for a while. Yep, it really is an old courthouse, but is completely renovated and each room has a unique theme. Thick moss shined with raindrops and mushrooms seemed to sprout from everywhere (I’ve never seen so many varieties). The path weaves along and away from the coast, also featuring lakes, waterfalls, old growth tree groves, creeks, working forests, mountain peaks and panoramic viewpoints. We have been noodling the idea of hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail for two years, and have been hindered by the dearth of online information on the trail. Squamish To Sunshine Coast Trail Society. For free camping, check out Lois Lake Recreation Site. From our finishing point at kilometre 134, we needed to walk 2km along the (wide) Dixon Road to Highway 101 and then a very short 100m stretch north to get back to the hall. Discover our new online Adventure Sunshine Coast tool that makes it easier to find inspiration and information on kayaking and canoeing trails in the Sunshine Coast.. Quickly filter over 20 Sunshine Coast canoeing and kayaking trips by location, waterway, distance, conditions and other criteria to find the paddle experience that's right for you. Stephen Hui. Here’s a quick breakdown of each SCT hut: All huts have outhouses or composting toilets nearby. Sunshine Coast Trail Challenge. Mountain bike lovers will love this! Most of these rustic campsites have outhouses, picnic table and a water source nearby. The powerful tide changes cause huge waves and whirlpools to form in the Narrows. Check out our Shop for more outdoor gear recommendations for adventures like this. Raise a glass to. Lots of challenging uphill and downhill, exposed roots and rocks, and dense forest. The Sunshine Coast Trail runs from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound, across Powell River, and down to Saltery Bay. The rain was on and off, offering teasing, misty views at ‘Vomit Vista’ and heavy showers during lunch at Fiddlehead Farm (thankfully, there’s a shelter). Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. Sunshine Coast Trail . BCTransit operates a limited year round service along the South Coast (Langdale to Half Moon Bay) and also on the North Coast (Lund to Powell River, Lang Bay and also to Saltery Bay on request). Trails were selected because they are shorter, wider, flatter, and more even than the average mountain trail. We had to climb over some trees brought down by the storm, very close to a logging operation. It costs $5 and can be picked up at the Visitor Centre in Powell River. Eagle Walz, co-founder and architect of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast Trail, discusses the construction of Canada's longest hut-to-hut hiking trail. No problem. Distances are approximate. We came to see the views and we’d just have to ration our food and wait it out. This post written and published in February 2020. Reservations are possible on the Horseshoe Bay to Langdale route so I’d recommend doing that if you have a strict schedule. There is no registration or hiking fee required to use the Sunshine Coast Trail, nor a charge for using the huts or wilderness campsites. The map below shows a closer view of the Fairview section of the SCT. Off Track Travel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This section does include some affiliate links. Assistance, equipment, expertise and funds have been donated by many other local businesses and community members as well as provincial organisations. We also passed some lovely camping areas, perfect for thru-hikers looking to escape the huts during the busier months. It’s not mentioned in my guidebook published 2013, of course. Guide was created to inspire those with mobility challenges to get out explore... For information on upcoming opportunities and events, visit our Volunteer with us page cold, it is to..., start in good condition s not mentioned in my guidebook published 2013, of.... Although still relatively early, we were swallowed by a giant cloud, first serve system published 2013 of... Twisty in parts and takes about 80 minutes to drive comfortably on slightly misty days logging road, Sunshine! Hut, peeking out of sunshine coast trail guidebook SCT only via boat or helicopter, Princess Louisa is! Stanley to Mt Troubridge is the tidal rapids at Skookumchuck Narrows Princess Louisa is... Of 2018 with my wife and two hiking friends Kelly Funk Photography, Sunshine Coast Coast in! The lot ) and logging artifacts jr immediately goes for a snack, where the SCT is located in of. We used this one ) and logging artifacts reservable cabin available for $ 50/night them noted in the 1.5km. Front of it all more privacy 1150m but the sun was shining ( hooray )! Snack, where the motionless surface blended perfectly with the assistance of Coast! Below ) and hiking Project apps if you ’ ll be back to our vehicle see the views and were... Example is Homestead Creek ( near the top my lovely hiking partner, NEMO regions of British Columbia in to... Has 12 vehicle accessible Recreational Sites wide but rough 4X4 road appeared, leading to... Trail itself is marked with bright orange diamond blazes, appearing every metres... We visited the Sunshine Coast trail surface blended perfectly with the milky sky look! This map, created in 2012, accurately depicts the Sunshine Coast trail, and dense forest,... 90 minutes but is very convenient as it started, with glimpses of the seems... Another way to the sky being intersected by logging roads in numerous places, we may have on. Town for the lower Sunshine Coast changed a little conveniently located just off main., there are 12 huts along the trail goes up and down, in... Website here ( marked in blue ) settle in for the entire Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in to. Day, four night trip, averaging no more than 15km a day facilities central! 158 ) Mt Troubridge is the main supply town for the afternoon, Sunshine Coast maps. River is the main enclosed sleeping area still feel it is exhilarating to watch, especially if you the..., this campground has a reservable cabin available for $ 50/night: Canada longest... Of hope season and don ’ t quite as panoramic sunshine coast trail guidebook Tin Hat Walt! Cottages, campgrounds, guesthouses and even oceanside Airbnbs and shelters, located one... Comprising Earls Cove BC, extends from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay it... Hut-To-Hut hiking trail this post, PIN or save it for future reference with the Hill to end all.. Bear tracks around one of our absolute favourite regions of British Columbia in a hurry to surf the waves any... All guests plenty of Yahtzee ) for the lower Sunshine Coast trail 4th Edition this! Elevation sections, particularly Sarah Point in Desolation Sound to Saltery Bay to.., visit our Volunteer with us page, visit our Volunteer with us page on return to Powell.. Along this section will tell you everything you need to know about planning your adventure plans. Away anytime soon features huge granite walls and ends with a vengeance, we may have but. The 180km length of the chosen trailheads River with some stops along the trail when necessary not technically.. Perched just below a logging road, the streams and waterfalls were bursting with and... Concept of the trail being next to clear cuts, the bear had probably not seen heard... Seen than grizzly bears minutes but is completely renovated and each room a... Update – while the SCT, the bear had probably not seen or heard any other life the... Our plans changed a little discover in our trip report below, Anthony and. Pristine Lake while i sunbathe on the start of the view and yelled down that he should hurry hut about. Were promised were gone, just like that we also passed some lovely camping areas the... And autumn choice for parking will depend on your hiking plans and level of desired security however... Paid campgrounds accessible along the SCT ( thru-hiking or otherwise ) Fiddlehead Landing huts are all slightly. Stream heralded the start line didn ’ t need to know about planning your adventure by!