No gap between fascia and drip edge. The G2500N Over Fascia Vent is designed to discreetly ensure a positive airflow into the roof space between the roof membrane and the fascia board. Top leg goes under the shingle and bottom leg behind the gutter if possible. It’s on both sides of the roof, but definitely worse on one side. Soffit. Use … If the drip edge is laid right up against the fascia or rafters, then because of surface tension, the water runs right up against the fascia and underneath the soffit. In 2005, she began a career in roofing, interior design and remodeling. Why is there a gap between fascia and gutter? Aluminum soffit and fascia can be cleaned easier and doesn’t rot. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. No fascia is wider. uPVC fascias and soffits from GAP are designed as a maintenance free and cost effective solution when replacing existing timber fascia boards. One purpose of those block may be to extend the mounting point for the gutter. The roof decking is left slightly shorter than the rafter ends creating a gap between the roof and the gutter. I have a 30 year old house, which I have owned for the last five years. However it should be covered with a material made of aluminum or vinyl with a type of screen to allow air to enter but keep small animals and rodents out. The purpose the soffit is to provide proper ventilation for the homes attic. 3) Drip edges to bridge the gap between the roof and the gutter. It looks like the water isn't going into the gutter and running down the soffit/fascia. Should rain gutters be installed behind metal drip edge? The purpose the soffit is to provide proper ventilation for the homes attic. No reason to put mounting block to lower the gutter. The shingles and stuff covers the gap so I am not too concerned about water penetration. B. ben4345 ... And I bet if you push up under the wood fascia it will close the gap. the original installer may have wanted to install the gutter lower (current position) but did not have enough fascia on the lower edge to provide a solid mounting point. Omitting the spacing between the fascia and the drip edge is a common mistake that contractors often make. We got up on the roof to have a look and found a gap (aprox 50mm) between the eaves and the roof tiles, and about the same between the fascia and the roof tiles. To get an idea of what I am talking about GOOGLE "soffit and fascia",and you will see typical installations. Particularly at the corners where they are mitered together. Did Beethoven "invent" ragtime with Piano Sonata No 32 Op 111? Rough carpentry isn't like cabinet making. Ventilation to keep the fascia from rotting due to water trapped between the back of the gutter and the fascia would be my guess. Simply lift the edges of the shingles, slide the drip edge underneath them and fasten it to the decking with 1-inch screws or nails. Because of their location, soffits are often vulnerable to weather and water damage. If your roof has drip edge installed where the fascia meets your shingles with the gutter hung below the drip edge, get some rolled flashing and tuck it up under the drip edge and over the top of the gutter. Replace all rotted wood with pressure-treated lumber. Simply put, the fascia is a horizontal board (or boards) that run around the edge of the roof of a building. What would be the best way to deal with this? Some wood blocks are old, needs to be replaced, but I do not want to cut them there are too many of them. NOTE: Capillary Action is a water activity in which water adheres to a surface and follow the surface around. Can someone explain why this German language joke is funny? Again I am surprised that no contractor mention anything about it. When water drips between the fascia and the gutters, the problem could be a compromised drip edge, but … There is now a 1/2 inch air gap between the roof and the roofing tiles (where the gutter guards were). How to get the latest posting time of archived pages in WordPress? Usually I put these up in sections a couple or three feet long. Join us for Winter Bash 2020. As you can see there are wood blocks (1/2 inch thick) every ~16 inches between fascia and gutter (4 inch size). Look at how the gutter is attached to those block and where the fascia lower edge is in relationship to the gutter. In most cases if the shingles go past the drip edge about 3/4 of an inch the shingle edge will break the surface tension unless your roof has a shallow pitch then the water will reach the drip edge and if drip edge is tight to the facia board it will run down the fascia so as added insurance leave space between the fascia and drip edge . Fascia boards attach to rafter ends along the roof line. All of our boards are supplied as a 5m length and available with colour matching Trims, Sealant and Plastic Headed Pins. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Unfortunately in most homes, this is not the case. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. Other than being old and rusty they are working fine based on my observation. What type of gutter screens are attached to the roof itself? It is not uncommon for them to place the drip edge right against the fascia. Remove the wood blocks and install same size 4 inch gutter, as gap is too small to make difference. They bridge the gap between a structures exterior wall and the roof eave. You are right about drip edge. When it rains, water pours through that gap and splashes on the window screens. What political advantages (if any) a kingdom can have when power is passed on to the heir as early as possible? As mentioned previously, the fascia is … What if developers don't want to spend their time on manual testing? Gap between fascia and roof sheathing? Width depends on size of gap and whether more of the gap is due to short decking or fascia. Thanks. More often than not I fabricate 22 gauge galvanized metal bent to approximate roof pitch angle. With high-profile pantiles and double Roman tiles, there has always been a gap between the corrugation and the fascia board, through which birds and rats can enter the roof from the gutters, and these should be filled in with an eaves comb, or filler unit. The purpose the soffit is to provide proper ventilation for the homes attic. When there is rain, the water is expected to roll down the roof and into the gutters. Prices from £ 2.03 x 10-ft. aluminum flashing. Fascias are the horizontal band below the roofline which the guttering attaches to. Insert the tube into the caulking gun and push the plunger in. The fascia is the wide board that's installed on-edge and runs horizontally along the edge of the roof. Is this okay? Allow the caulk to dry before you apply paint. The purpose the soffit is to provide proper ventilation for the homes attic. This article describes additional problems with roof gutters that cause leaks and building water entry, including backflowing gutters: leaks between the gutter and fascia board, and gutter installation errors (poor support, bad slope. ZX Spectrum fuse-emulator - how to use loader/multi-file program? They said it is supposed to be there to allow for expansion or contraction but nothing is there to block moisture from getting in. Because of its location, soffits are often vulnerable to weather and water damage. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. If you don't seal them properly, water can run off the roof and into your home.